Clause of Purpose



Clause of Purpose Konu Anlatımı

İngilizce’de bir amaç ifade ederken, birinin bir işi neden
yaptığını anlatırken belirli yapıları kullanmaktayız. Bu
yapıların Clause of Purpose olarak nasıl kullanıldıklarını
tek tek inceleyerek anlamaya çalışalım.

to + infinitive

She went there to ask if there was any mail for Amy
My friend went there to ask for help
Mom bought it to cheer me up
Dad bought it to use as a farm truck

in order to/so as to + infinitive

Trackers need to vary their vision in order to see new things
He must be on a mountain in order to see it
They must be mastered in order to play melodies
It is most important for the guitar to interpret these correctly in order to play
The harmonies called for in a particular song or arrangement
Qualitative knowledge about the setting may be necessary
in order to understand the quantitative data
It uses comparative history to analyse systems of government and economic
organisation so as to understand the politics of societies

so that +could/would

Mom tried to get Dad up that morning so that he could go and check on that job
We also brought out a CD player so that she could listen to a book tape until he fell asleep.

so that + can/will

When going to the kitchen I turn the volume up so that I can hear
My father wants to buy a tent so that he can go camping

Take your medicine so that you will get better

in case + present tense

Take your umbrella in case there’s a storm.
Take your umbrella in case it rains

in case + past tense

He kept his eyes on her in case he saw that impossible thing again
She was frightened in case it snowed too much

for + -ing

It is for saving a man’s life was the simple reply
On reason that strength is important in tennis is for reducing injuries

for + noun

He went to bed for a sleep
So I’m going to the bathroom for a shower
He headed to the kitchen for a snack